Japan, age-old simplicity and respect for the present.

Naturally, it was in Japan that we found the best design houses capable of producing our eyewear to our requirements. Steeped in a know-how handed down over many generations, the craftsmen create our collections with great care and precision.

Initially, it is just a drawing. Then comes the development phase, an indispensable step in the production process, which must be in perfect harmony with the designer’s creative and artistic inspiration. This is where the choice of details is crucial.

Like master calligraphers, master spectacle craftsmen search for perfection.

More than two hundred and fifty manual steps are required to create a pair of Clayton Franklin spectacles.

The material, thickness and overall stability are all carefully analysed.

Titanium, steel and gold coatings are one of the keys to the longevity and resistance of each of the parts that make up one pair of spectacles.

Each part is entirely polished by hand to give the material all its nobility.

Harmony Hall Fukui
Harmony Hall Fukui

The region of Fukui in Japan, nested between sea and mountains, between modernity and tradition, is renowned for its traditional craftsmanship.

These include Uchi Hamono knives, Washi paper, listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, Yaki ceramics, Shikki wood lacquer, and high-end eyewear. All these local crafts that have developed a global reputation.