The Clayton Franklin collection was the result of the alliance of two short-sighted people with a passion for design, eyewear and fashion.

In 1995, they met the Japanese designer with whom they would go on to produce their first collection.

This collection paid tribute to the Traditional Chic style which appeared in England in the 1940’s

They were fervent fans of this fashion movement. This style is now synonymous with elegance, refinement and distinction.

The pursuit of excellence is visible everywhere, from the designs, exceptional materials and intricate details, to the constant search for comfort and the delicate care taken at each production stage.

Today, Clayton Franklin has become an iconic collection that pays tribute to past inspirations, yet defines itself as consummately modern.

Clayton Franklin’s guiding principle is to always excel.

Visually appealing and discreet

The care taken during the production process faithfully reproduces the designer’s delicate drawing. This is Clayton Franklin’s trademark.

The brand

An emotional experience inexorably creates a sense of deep serenity. A feeling of wellbeing and comfort then takes root.


Like master calligraphers, master spectacle craftsmen search for perfection.